APRIL 2024

2024 Meg MacCary Headshot 1

2024 Meg MacCary Headshot 2

The amazing Christian Frederick Stevenson took these new pix! So many thanks to Sophie Dushko for helping with the styling! And in the spirit of teaching a woman to fish, rather than serving her a fish, Anna Malskaya gave me a marvelous makeup lesson. I will take these lessons with me forever.

Desperately Seeking the 80s 100th Episode Party

Desperately Seeking the '80s podcast had its 100th Episode party! Jessica and I got to hang out with all the BFFs at Bailey’s Corner Bar in Yorkville and got some great new stories out of them too:)

One Winged Dove Promotional Picture 1

One Winged Dove Promotional Picture 2

I adore these new promotional photos of One Winged Dove by Gallery by Geve. We have a bunch of shows popping up in May!


Song clips

Michael Hicks and I recorded clips of two of my favorite songs: "Mother Knows Best" and "Just Like That." You may watch the clips here.

Leda & The Swan

David Levine directed Stephen Squibb’s new play The Suitors of Helen at BCTR and I was delighted to play Leda. The play is raunchy and wonderful and perfectly cast. We had so much fun rehearsing and performing this piece!


The Book Signing

I got to kill Scott Cohen in the short film “The Book Signing,” based on a fictional story by renowned newspaperman Pete Hamill. We were on location in a library and I could have lost myself in those stacks for hours:)