Drive-Thru Therapist

Stephani has road rage! And she was a ton of fun to play. Watch her 6-minute episode of The Drive-Thru Therapist.

DDO Artists Agency

I’m THRILLED to announce that I'm being represented by DDO Artists Agency in their On-Camera Division. Gina and Michaela are wonderful to work with. Having a strong team is the best feeling!

Family Band

My mother had a milestone birthday this month and I formed The Family Band with my uncle Randy and cousins Will, Trish, and Wilson, to sing "If You Knew My Story" from the musical Bright Star. It’s a song about a woman who has lived an incredible life and is ready to talk about it, so it seemed particularly fitting for my mother:) Watch our performance.

Care and Feeding

Together Apart raised over $40,000 for The Actors Fund! "Care and Feeding", the mini-musical I wrote with Carl Belfatti, was a joy to work on. I am so grateful to Carl, Ann Harada, Mia Ellis, Kitty Balay, and the incomparable Vivienne Benesch for making the experience and the piece more than I dreamed it could be. Watch the 7 minute musical about 4 moms in quarantine.

JULY 2021

Audition still

I’ve been self-taping up a storm this month! Here’s a still from one of my favorites (fingers crossed I’ll hear from them soon:) Shout out to my coaches Chris Campbell and Stephanie Linas, who always make me look good.

JUNE 2021

Broadway Podcast Network

Exciting news! Split Valley has joined The Broadway Podcast Network. This is huge for our radio mystery. It will have much needed advocacy, distribution, and promotion. Long live Split Valley!

MAY 2021

Care & Feeding

Together Apart raised $20,000 for The Actors’ Fund last weekend! Here’s a still from my contribution: “Care and Feeding.”
Music by Carl Belfatti - Book and Lyrics by me - Directed by Vivienne Benesch - Starring Mia Ellis, Ann Harada, Kitty Belay, and me:)


What is Brij doing?? He is performing the Samuel Beckett tribute in The Actor's Nightmare by Christopher Durang, LIVE on Zoom. I had so much fun directing these amazing kids. We came up with a new style of performance we coined “muppet acting” which requires LOTS of gestures and takes to the camera. They created theater magic in tiny Zoom squares and I’m just bursting with pride!

APRIL 2021

Care & Feeding

Here’s a screenshot from "Care and Feeding", which I wrote for Together Apart, a collection of new short musicals written, composed, directed by, and featuring Brown University alumni. It premieres May 27th 8pm ET as a fundraiser for The Actors Fund. More soon!


Split Valley’s Radio Broadcast Premiere is April 8th at 8pm ET on WDCR! Pull up a chair, dim the lights, and TUNE IN.

MARCH 2021


The super talented Bethany James and Laura Winters have written an amazing pilot: Offbeat. It’s funny, moving, and highlights the talents of this incredible group of actors. I was delighted to voice a bunch of roles in the reading of their latest draft.



In quarantine I wrote a one woman show/cabaret currently titled Mess. This month I plucked up the courage to perform the first draft for a trusted few.

Brown Zoom

Here are just a few of the amazing people Lisa Loeb has gathered to write and perform the Brown Zoomusical!

My piece, "Care and Feeding", is being directed by Vivienne Benesch. More soon:)


Drive-Thru Therapist

Here’s the trailer for The Drive-Thru Therapist!

I play Stephani who has issues with her road rage:)

Can’t wait to see it!