MAY 2022

Dying to Survive

Dying to Survive, directed by Anna Sørrig, won the Grand Jury Prize at its first screening at Apple Box Short Film Festival!

Peace and Love

I had the absolute delight to perform in Peace and Love in Brooklyn, a new musical by Eamon O’Tuama at the incredibly cool Beckett’s Bar as part of Origin Theatre’s Mondays in May reading series. Pictured here with Maria Deasy, Annalisa Chamberlin, Ciaran Bowling, and Gary Troy.

APRIL 2022

Matthew Gasda

Rehearsals for Minotaur, by Matthew Gasda, are going so well. I love this group of people. They make staging a psychosexual family drama fun😂

Meg & Jessica

Desperately Seeking The ‘80s, my podcast with my highschool bestie Jessica about NYC in the 80s hit 1500 downloads! We’re delighted and going strong.

MARCH 2022

Desperately Seeking the '80s

Our podcast Desperately Seeking The ‘80s: NY Edition is live! Revisit the crime and culture of NYC in the ‘80s with BFF Gen-Xers Jessica and Meg.

Peace and Love in Brooklyn

I was in a slew of readings this month: the new musical Peace and Love in Brooklyn by Eamon O’Tuama, directed by John Keating at the Irish American Writers and Artists, Inc.; the short play Roommates by B.J. Burton, directed by Alisa Matlovsky for The Women in the Arts and Media Coalition; and a new TV pilot, Roebling Project, by Bethany Lauren James and Hunter Gardner.

Minotaur Reading

The public reading of Minotaur by Matthew Gasda went wonderfully, and we’re excited to get back into the rehearsal room, gearing up for a full staging in May.


Dying to Survive

The director, Anna Sørrig, and most of the crew of the short film "Dying to Survive" are Danish. There was a soothing babble of Danish underscoring the whole day of shooting. Very Hygge!

God of In Between

February was chock full of readings: I played a gay local politician from Minnesota in The Chaos Theory of Now by Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek, directed by Alisa Matlovsky for the League of Professional Theatre Women, and reprised Evelyn in the musical two-hander The God of In Between by Christopher Wall. Lots of creative energy in the air!


Desperately Seeking the '80s logo

Jessica Jones and I started recording our podcast, Desperately Seeking the ‘80s: NY Edition. Revisit the crime and culture of NYC in the ‘80s with BFF Gen-Xers Jessica and Meg. We’ve banked five episodes and are scheduled for a February release!

Meg with Bob Laine

Reunited with Bob Laine from the old NADA days (pictured here in 2019 recording the radio play of American Revolution by Kirk Wood Bromley.) We’re playing a dysfunctional couple in Minotaur by Matthew Gasda, when we’re not reminiscing about hanging out on Ludlow in the ‘90s.