September is about planting seeds: lots of self tape auditions, Chris Campbell's fantastic acting class, working on my one-woman show (currently called Mise-en-Scène Seule or MESS) and of course, Split Valley is coming soon… Grow seeds, grow!



The last few months I've been building my one-woman show with the incomparable Michael Hicks... and we just finished working through the first draft😳 Lots more work to do, but I'm feeling pretty proud and extremely grateful😊

JULY 2020

Split Valley Script

Split Valley is COMING SOON! This is a picture of me doing script work at 5am. We've recorded successfully (from 17 separate home studios!) and now it's time to edit.

VO Session

I put together a new commercial voice-over reel with all my new, fancy equipment!

Brown Zoom

Brown alums who did musical theater from the late '80s to the early '90s had a massive Zoom reunion! This photo captures about a fifth of the people on the call. There's talk of collaborating on a new musical about the quarantine!

JUNE 2020


Loved giving David Andrew Stoler grief in Shrinkage - now streaming on Amazon!


Split Valley Readthrough

Split Valley: a serialized radio mystery is CAST! We read through via Zoom and start recording remotely July 6th:)

MAY 2020


During quarantine I've been working on my self-tape skills. And wardrobe and hair and makeup and set design and camera and sound skills. Grateful for the opportunities! Eager to hand this all back to the professionals soon:)

Artists Coop

Everyone is getting great at Zoom Readings! This month I was in a reading of Lenore Marks' new pilot The Downfall and was delighted to reprise my role as MOM in a Zoom reading of Janelle Lawrence's musical 'Tis the Season, hosted by the Artists' Coop.

Our Town

Every spring I direct seventh graders in a play. This year the school assumed we'd need to cancel it due to quarantine. But the show must go on! And we turned Our Town into a radio play with slides of old photos from turn-of-the-century New Hampshire. It was a huge undertaking and a beautiful result, underscoring the resilience and ingenuity of this wonderful community.

APRIL 2020


I recorded a couple songs for friends and family… gradually getting used to my "at home" set up:)

Down and Away Poster

This lovely short film I shot last year is getting into a bunch of festivals!


Fortunately quarantine hasn’t deterred Bethany Lauren James and Laura Winters! I was delighted to perform in zoom readings of their TV pilots.

MARCH 2020

Split Valley

March hit us all like a ton of bricks. I’m so grateful to have projects I can continue to work on. Five on a Match is producing Split Valley: an original, serialized radio mystery.

A cryptic postcard lures two investigative podcast journalists to the smallest town in New York State.

Listen to how the story unfolds in nine audio episodes.

Split Valley is written by Caroline V. McGraw and directed by Eddie Prunoske. We will be hiring 14 New York City artists to record in June!

Goddess Bible

I finished the show bible of my TV pilot Goddess! Complete with a season one outline and beautiful renderings by Matt Cohn. Check it out here.


Jess & Meg

Jessica Dorfman Jones and I wrote Relevant, a TV Pilot about two friends who went to high school together. Wonder what our inspiration was…

The Bedbug Problem

Had a wonderful time workshopping The Bedbug Problem by Devin Dearing Preston at the Barrow Group with these lovely bedbugs: Lunie Jules, Chris Campbell, and Bethany James.


Six of Wands

2020 is sponsored by the Six of Wands! What will I do with my newfound wings??

In Love With Night

Delighted to take a crack at a Danish accent in Barrie Kreinik's new play In Love with Night, about the life and times of Eva Le Gallienne, produced by The Bechdel Project at The Dramatists Guild.